Trimming the Fat Off Retail Prices

Everyone loves a good graph right? Or maybe it’s just me…anyways, it’s no secret that Luigi Sardo footwear and clothing products are made extremely well – but how do we get our prices to be so low? You may think we’re using sub-par materials, or labour that’s borderline slavery.

“NOT THE CASE – we just cut out all the bullshit costs in the middle that add to your retail price.” – Markus Lacaria, Founder & Shoe Designer

It’s pretty simple math. We make stuff, add some markup, and sell it. We don’t have to worry about warehousing costs, distribution costs and retailer markups. It’s amazing how much money this saves the consumer – literally hundreds of dollars per pair.


In any retail environment, the store bought the product for half, or less than half – of what you’re paying for it.

We believe everyone deserves a pair of high quality shoes and they shouldn’t cost a fortune – so check out our Kickstarter and help us get to our 30K goal so we can make some sweet shoes for you.



by Markus

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